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A Special Thank You

I want to give a special shout out and thank you to blueartemis07 from Live Journal for being brave, and stepping up to make one of the first pledges to support my novel.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.

The Video for "The Wasters"

Here's the video promoting "The Wasters" on YouTube.  The song is by the duo By Light We Loom and was written especially for me after I backed their recording project on Kickstarter.


The Wasters Kickstarter Project

Hello, Live Journal Friends!  My Kickstarter effort to fund my spy/mystery novel "The Wasters" is off to a pretty good start, but only has 38 more days to go.  If you're interested in finding out about my book, I'm going to post a link to the Kickstarter page here, and then later today, a link to my video for the book.  Thanks so much for any support and help you can give, especially forwarding this post on to all your own friends on Live Journal. -- Jim MacQueen


My Kickstarter project is live!

Every writer feels they have a book in them, and mine is called "The Wasters". It's a spy/mystery novel set in the world of auto racing. My Kickstarter project went live this morning, and I hope you'll consider visiting the page, watching the video, perhaps pledging your support. Here's a link


My new novel, "The Wasters"

Merry Christmas.  I know it's been a long time since last I posted to LJ.  I've been working on a book, and my new novel is quickly reaching the stage where it will be published next year.  In the meantime, I've put a couple of chapters onto a blog site so those interested can get a quick taste.  If you are into reading spy novels, murder mysteries, or have even a casual interest the world of auto racing, you might like "The Wasters".  Even if you know nothing now about racing, I'll give you everything you need to know to appreciate the plot.  Better yet, I'll give you some bigger-than-life characters.  Give it a try.  Here's a link:


Best regards, and best wishes,
Jim MacQueen

Happy b'day, Harry!

Happy birthday to Harry Potter and to J.K. Rowling.  Both of you have given me more than you can possibly know.

Happy New Year, Old Friends & New

I wanted to take a moment to wish my entire Friends List a Happy New Year.  More important, I feel I've been a bit remiss in not noting how important making connections with many of you has been over the years.  I'm sure that LJ, the internet in general, and fan fiction has introduced me to people I would never have met through any other medium.  Some of you have become very important in my life; some the most important.  You know who you are, of course.  But I am grateful for all of you, and for the projects we have worked on together.  As we approach "the end of the world", have a happy and safe 12 months.

It's ALIVE...alive, I tell you!!!

Great Lakes Wines Magazine, my online publication covering the wine industry in the fastest growing region of North America, is now live to the public on the internet.  The version currently posted is a "beta" or "pilot" issue, with the first official issue scheduled for July.  Most of the content works, but there are some blank pages and non-working links in this version.  Our FREE forum is working, so go ahead and sign up.

If you're at all interested in great wines, and who isn't, I think you'll enjoy this publication.  We taste a lot of wines, visit a lot of wineries, and include a lot of history and features.  It's also a travel magazine, with reports on inns, restaurants, and other attractions of interest to foodies.

Check it out.  I hope you'll enjoy it, and return to it often.  Here's a link to the site:


Great Lakes Wines Magazine

Hello, f-list!  Sorry I haven't been around much.  I suppose to some extent, Harry Potter is wearing off now that the series has nearly ended; I guess I'll have to review the new movie in July, but after that, I think I'm done for the time being with HP.  It has changed my life in ways that most of you will never guess, but it is time now to move on.

On June 20, the project I have been working on since last December will debut.  My Great Lakes Wines Magazine web site will go public, online only, with a "beta" or "pilot" issue.  While this version will have most of the skeletal structure of the publication, not every section will be complete until July, which will be the formal first issue.

As soon as the site is actually available to the public, I'll make another post with a link and/or URL information.  In the meantime, if you search Facebook for the title Great Lakes Wines Magazine, there is a page where you can follow updates.  Please take a second to go there and "like" the page so you can follow our progress.  Drop us a note or a comment, and let us know what you think about the publication.  There is a forum included with the magazine site where you can discuss wines with me, the other editors, and other readers.

I hope you enjoy reading about the wonderful wines being made in the Great Lakes Region of North America as much as I enjoy drinking them, and writing about them for you!

Thanks for the b'day wishes

Thanks to all of you who send birthday wishes and virtual gifts.  I wish I could reply to all personally!  The main thing I can say is that I neither look nor feel as old as my birthday would suggest.  My best friend says I'm a good 10-15 years younger, and we're both very pleased about that!  I hope all of you have as good a week as I expect to have.