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quidditchref's Journal

Vintage Scribbles By Jim
14 March 1946
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I'm glad you came by! Welcome! I'm new to fanfic, but I'm not new to writing. I graduated from the Ohio State University with a major in journalism and photography, and I've been a writer, an editor, and a publisher.

Naturally, most of my work has been non-fiction. However, I've been interested in writing fiction for a long time, and I consider the pieces I do here to be writing exercises. Currently, I'm posting chapters of my first novel, and I hope you'll be able to read and comment on it. The title is "Dangerous Journeys", and it's about unrequited love. It's going to be long one...I have more than 30 chapters outlined and over 20 are finished. I hope you'll keep coming back and help me out with some worthwhile criticism. Please don't limit yourselves to "I love it" or "I hate it". I expect to complete it soon.

I have couple of other stories also posted on the Fiction Alley site. The one I would like people to read is called "Grand Prix Wizard", the story of James Sirius Potter's career as a Formula One racing driver. It's a whole lot better than "Speed Racer"! :=)

I live in northeast Ohio, somewhere near the "North Coast". For the many of you who live outside the USA, we are on the south shore of Lake Erie, in the Mideast or "Western Reserve". I speak and write "American" English, which may not be entirely understandable to the many of you living in the UK, Australia, South Africa and other English-speaking nations. My friends in Canada will never get it, eh. (That's an inside joke!) Interestingly, through my work, I've met many people from all those places, and many countries where English is not the native language.

You probably wonder, why quidditchref. Well, two of my main interests are auto racing and soccer (football to most of you!). I've been a soccer referee for a number of years. Some of the nearby Harry Potter festivals have tried to hold their versions of grounded quidditch, which usually ends up resembling rugby football or soccer, and guess who gets called in to referee!

Since I am an experienced writer and editor (although one who expects to make just as many mistakes as any of you!), I am willing to help out. If you have work you would like to have me review, even privately, just let me know how to see it. I try to be kind, but be warned that you need to make it as clean as possible, and make your best stab at using the language if you want my best help. I make typos just like everyone else, but there's no excuse for not reading your work over 2-3 times.

I look forward to sharing ideas with you guys, and I need your help to improve. Let's have some fun! With best regards, Jim.

PS: I am always happy to help other writers; it's what I get paid to do in real life! The best way is to send me an email at sportserve@aol.com and let me know where your story is, and what kind of help you would like.